Celerity. Technical acuity. Artistic perspective. High quality standards. These are the concepts that guide our services.

Lip-sync dubbing

TV series, movies, animated series: regardless of the format, we do it. We rely on a diverse array of voices, with new or established talents. Watch here.

Voice over dubbing

If you wish to keep the original audio channel, our work will be performed with dedication and satisfaction. We have dubbed innumerous documentaries and reality shows in V.O. Watch here.

Sound tracks and sound effects

Music is part of our DNA. Amongst us we have excellent songwriters and arrangers, ready to create or make local versions of the sound tracks. Watch here.

Translation and subtitles

Fast and precise production, performed by an experienced team of translators, fluent in many languages. Suitability of the best expressions, to ensure the original meaning of the idea. Watch here.

Original Voice

In here, creation and imagination come through. Inspiration comes from characters and their characteristics, but experimentation prevails. We search for - and find - the perfect voice for each and everyone of them, giving life and soul to the characters.

Song localization

Song versions are made in a simple and natural way, keeping the richness of the original melody, with lyrics adaptation into Brazilian Portuguese. A large team of singers brings the new version to life, staying true to the original vibe of the material.